Kimberly Wolfe, founder and facilitator of the StillPoint process of self-development integrates a transpersonal (mind-body-soul) philosophy in guiding people to create healthy, authentic and balanced lives. With a strong emphasis on heart-centered, psychospiritual mentoring, StillPoint provides insightful guidance for individuals who are committed to cultivating and living at their potential through a personalized process of self-development.

The StillPoint model for working therapeutically with people is a unique and effective synthesis influenced by transpersonal and humanistic thinkers like Roberto Assagioli, Carl Jung, Carl Rogers, William James, Abraham Maslow and Robert Johnson.

The client is guided through a journey of transformation in a process that focuses on the premise that there are innate resources that lie in the depths of the human psyche, waiting to be identified, developed and expressed. This wellspring of energy serves as the source and foundation of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

This journey is one in which Kimberly helps people retrieve their own unique strengths from the depths of the unconscious to learn how to deal with the challenges and transitions of adult life and find their authentic place in the world.

In awakening these internal resources, clients are actively and consciously participating in their own ‘Hero’s Journey’ , the term and metaphor coined by Joseph Campbell who devoted his adult life to identifying universal archetypal patterns and themes common to every culture which are instrumental in influencing each person’s lifelong journey of personal development.

In contrast to a medical model of a therapeutic relationship, which emphasizes mental and emotional distress, the StillPoint philosophy and process address the multidimensional nature of humans – mind, emotions, body and soul/spirit.

Each client is treated as a unique individual, and each person’s process is very personalized to target their personal and particular needs – using techniques that address competencies and positive qualities.  The uniqueness and complexity of each person is considered and valued. This approach allows people to accomplish the developmental tasks of life and find a path of their own.

In formulating StillPoint’s uniquely-crafted program in self-development, Kimberly Wolfe, trained and experienced in transpersonal psychological counseling, is the founder of StillPoint Center for Positive Change in San Diego, California. She draws from the past 20 years experience in facilitating the self-development process of individuals and groups. She provides heart-centered guidance in teaching people how to live authentically and cultivate the unique potential which exists in everyone through conscious and compassionate awareness.

She has mentored and coached people in how to move through emotional crises and life transitions with ease and grace.  She has served on the teaching staff in the holistic healing program at Optimum Health Institute in Lemon Grove, California for the past 11 years.  Additionally, she formerly taught in the holistic health program at School of Healing Arts in San Diego.

Personal sessions are conducted in San Diego; sessions on Skype and telephone are also available.

Find The Way To The Authentic Self and Achieve an Authentic Life

I guide and teach ways to view the past without feeling attached to it. Self-awareness and mindfulness are skills we can practice in order to learn from the whole self, even the parts that may feel like they hold you back. Guided and meaningful reflection, creative pursuits, healthy living and healthy thoughts are all steps in the right direction. Learn how these practices lead to the release of stress and an authentic life. Embrace the full reality of your unique life to live authentically. An authentic life means that your true potential is aligned with your actions. There is no one like you in the whole world and you are wonderful just as you are – we all are. Yet we can all gain from learning and growing from the insights handed down from generation to generation.

A Non-Medical Approach For Nurturing Well-Being

It is far too common in our Western society to turn to doctors and medications for symptoms that have a somatic origin. I promote a different approach because treatments derived from medical science can be invasive and they are not always the best solution. In fact, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported a study that found writing about stressful life experiences reduced symptoms of in asthma and arthritis patients. A non-medical approach to wellness is critical in this nation if we are to move from “sick-care” to true health care. Caring for well-being is a holistic approach. In this holistic health paradigm, vitality and well-being result from a lifestyle that consciously and compassionately cares for the essential dimensions of being. These essential elements are the body, mind, emotions and spirit or soul. Just as perpetuating negative thoughts will cause your body to release stress hormones, holding onto the negativity and hurt of emotional baggage also creates the same toxic environment at a biochemical level. Wellness is holistic and not about parts of the body rather it is about the whole of who you are and all your life circumstance. Avoiding the stress response in the body all starts with the thoughts you think everyday.

Achieve Well-being With Positivity

I guide my clients on a journey to integrate the whole of their life and nurture their authentic self. I use a variety of techniques from creative, to meditative and imaginal including hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, EMDR, art therapy, and many more modalities that are very effective in reprogramming negative thoughts into positive thoughts. With these tools and my years of experienced guidance I help individuals live happy and healthy lives. Using this positive approach to healing encourages and nurtures the best in individuals because it doesn’t close the door to what we call the shadow. On a guided journey we discover the ways you can integrate this part of the self in a healthy and helpful way. When we hold this sacred space for the full and authentic self to emerge life becomes easier because there is harmony. With harmony comes an ease of suffering, an end to pain and a rebirth of new ideas and desires. Life is full of challenges and change. That is a given. We know that many times in life there will be obstacles whether they are personal challenges, relationship issues or even problems from the past resurfacing. How we approach the challenge is what determines the outcome. Our bodies are innately wise and it takes practice and perseverance to harness this knowledge in everyday life. In working together, I will help you to uncover meaningful information from your own life in order to achieve the life you want. Let us learn to be wise people in supporting our own health and well-being inwardly and outwardly.